What Does Peter Thiel Want?:

Thiel’s motivations become much more legible if you begin with the premise that he is endorsing Trump not because he believes in the candidate’s particular policy prescriptions but because he wants to instrumentalize Trump in an effort to propagate his vision of a political future in which elites are liberated to radically remake the system of governance to better serve their interests.

I don’t care one bit about the speech but the actions of the Trump campaign after the speech are fascinating. They started by stating that Milania wrote the speech. They denied the initial plagiarism charge. They claimed that other speeches had used similar sentences before. And they ended it by blaming a speechwriter.

What’s fascinating is the incongruity of the claims. Milania wrote the speech, but is was someone else fault. Also, there was no plagiarism that was someone else fault.

And they don’t care. They are immune to cognitive dissonance.