Future of jobs in a world filled with automation and robots


Roboticist Hans Moravec predicts that by 2020, robots will simulate the intelligence of a monkey. That may not seem smart, but with adequate software, it will be intelligent enough to perform most of today’s jobs. And here’s the “killer-ap” - future ‘bots can build labor-free copies of themselves increasing their numbers exponentially. By mid-2020s, some predict, humanoids could outnumber people.

One day one person will control all the robots and no human will have a job. What will we do then?

If robots can create robots, the supply should be large enough that the cost for a robot is rather minimal. Near infinite labor means the costs to mine garbage dumps for materials becomes doable. So is clearing brown fields of hazardous material. Even building a canal across Arizona. So what can you call a world that has access to near infinite labor other than Utopia?