NYTimes: Trump Backers Go to Court to Block Vote Recounts in 3 States:

Trump Backers Go to Court to Block Vote Recounts in 3 States

“In an election already tainted by suspicion, previously expressed by Donald Trump himself,” she said, “verifying the vote is a common-sense procedure that would put all concerns around voter disenfranchisement to rest. Trump’s desperate attempts to silence voter demands for recounts raise a simple question: why is Donald Trump afraid of these recounts?”

An ethical double standard for Trump — and the GOP?:

“If Hillary Clinton wins this election and they don’t shut down the Clinton Foundation and come clean with all of its past activities, then there’s no telling the kind of corruption that you might see out of the Clinton White House,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) told conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt.

Presumably Cotton will take the lead in advising Donald Trump to “shut down” his business activities and “come clean” on what came before. Surely Cotton wants to be consistent.

TheMoneyIllusion » Trump favors teasier money:

So what are Trump’s views? Very simple. For elderly savers, Trump favors higher interest rates. For big developers, he favors low rates. For consumers, he wants a strong dollar. For exporters, he wants a weaker dollar. Each group will get what they want, but not all in the same universe. You see, Trump’s monetary views are best described as a wave function, which will collapse to a single outcome on January 20th. Trump is the first post-modern candidate, the first to understand that truth is what the voters let you get aways with, and that the multiverse offers the possibility of achieving seemingly irreconcilable aims.

When Ivanka was a kid, she got frustrated because she couldn’t set up a lemonade stand in Trump Tower. “We had no such advantages,” she writes, meaning, in this case, an ordinary home on an ordinary street. She and her brothers finally tried to sell lemonade at their summer place in Connecticut, but their neighborhood was so ritzy that there was no foot traffic. “As good fortune would have it, we had a bodyguard that summer,” she writes. They persuaded their bodyguard to buy lemonade, and then their driver, and then the maids, who “dug deep for their spare change.” The lesson, she says, is that the kids “made the best of a bad situation.” In another early business story, she and her brothers made fake Native American arrowheads, buried them in the woods, dug them up while playing with their friends, and sold the arrowheads to their friends for five dollars each.

Her “bad situation” was being wealthy; her solution was to compel her servants and bodyguards, you know, the little people, to give her more money, and to lie to her friends to trick them into giving her yet more money. And she’s completely oblivious to the ethical problems with what she did!

(via Up is down, rich is poor)

Worth a read.

Paul Krugman: 5.5 million Trump voters could lose health care — because they voted for him:

As Krugman notes, 6 million non-Hispanic whites gained insurance between 2013 and 2015; considering 66 percent of white people without a college degree (and therefore likely uninsured before Obamacare) voted for Trump, Krugman reasons at least 3.96 million non-college educated Trump voters will lose their insurance.

Sure you’ll lose your healthcare, but think of the tax cuts coastal elites will get.

In a post on Twitter, he said he would “terminate” the pact President Obama made if Cuba is unwilling to make “a better deal for the Cuban people.”

(via Trump Threatens to Roll Back Obama’s Cuba Policy - The New York Times)

I’m going to guess that the “better deal for the Cuban people” he speaks of involves building a Trump Plaza Havana.

And this is happening while everyone talks about his newest dumb tweet.

Americans keep looking away from the election’s most alarming story:

U.S. intelligence agencies determined that the Russian government actively interfered in our elections. Russian state propaganda gave little doubt that this was done to support Republican nominee Trump, who repeatedly praised Vladimir Putin and excused the Russian president’s foreign aggression and domestic repression. Most significantly, U.S. intelligence agencies have affirmed that the Russian government directed the illegal hacking of private email accounts of the Democratic National Committee and prominent individuals. The emails were then released by WikiLeaks, which has benefited financially from a Russian state propaganda arm, used Russian operatives for security and made clear an intent to harm the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

This is so much worse than any of the Clinton email or Clinton Foundation stories. It should be investigated.

Haven’t any of these people raised children? Don’t they know about bait and switch? Have none of them been paying attention to Trump’s Twitter strategy for the past 17 months? For anybody who has read a half-dozen of Trump’s tweets, the pattern is obvious. He compiles these tweets precisely in order to elicit strident protest. It doesn’t matter to Trump that the cast of Hamilton was polite and respectful to Pence. It doesn’t matter that being rude to officeholders is an inalienable right—hell, a responsibility!—of all Americans. To Trump’s followers the content of any one of his rebukes matters less than whom it’s directed at—New York liberals and their fellow travelers in this instance. He could have tweeted something equally belligerent about the “unfair” treatment his daughter Ivanka is receiving in the press for having attended his meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and he would have earned the same satisfying comeback from his foes.

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