It is now clear that the scandal was not Rice’s normal review of the intelligence reports but the coördinated effort between the Trump Administration and Nunes to sift through classified information and computer logs that recorded Rice’s unmasking requests, and then leak a highly misleading characterization of those documents, all in an apparent effort to turn Rice, a longtime target of Republicans, into the face of alleged spying against Trump.

(via The Continuing Fallout from Trump and Nunes’s Fake Scandal - The New Yorker)

Abuse of power. Stack this on the pile of impeachable offenses.

All the President’s Flip-Flops:

I realize that the Dunning Kruger effect is controversial and might not actually exist; but Trump is acting exactly the way a person who over estimates his skill acts when confronted with his lack of skill. He retreats. He becomes child like and adopts the views of those who appear more skilled.