1. Ello is the comic sans of social networks. It isn’t clean, minimal and simple. It’s barren, lacking and simplistic.

Solar power is growing so fast that older energy companies are trying to stop it:

If the penetration of distributed solar reached as high as 10 percent — an admittedly aggressive scenario — a typical utility in the Southwest could see its earnings drop 5 percent to 13 percent, while a typical utility in the Northeast could see its earnings decline 6 percent to 41 percent. This is similar to what’s happened in Germany, where distributed solar has halved the market value of some utilities.

Right now, the biggest problem is the lack of a smart grid. If we can get a national smart grid we can create micro-markets where individuals can become micro power companies.

  1. @esangalang sent one to your gmail. looking forward to seeing you create an account and never login again.

  1. @esangalang sent one to your gmail. looking forward to seeing you create an account and never login again.

  1. I’m on elle as @sdenaro
  2. Shell shock bash exploit isn’t just a mod CGI exploit, git and svn shell access over ssh may be broken too. Scary.

4chan users threaten Emma Watson with nude photo leak over UN speech on gender equality:

The frightening thing is that, like most of their other campaigns against women, they truly see themselves as just warriors fighting for what’s right. They believe that this is what Emma Watson has coming to her for daring to speak up or identify as a feminist.

The hostility to feminists online is equal parts amusing and disturbing.

The Strange History of ‘Mad Honey’:

The dark, reddish, “mad honey,” known as deli bal in Turkey, contains an ingredient from rhododendron nectar called grayanotoxin — a natural neurotoxin that, even in small quantities, brings on light-headedness and sometimes, hallucinations. In the 1700s, the Black Sea region traded this potent produce with Europe, where the honey was infused with drinks to give boozers a greater high than alcohol could deliver.

Middle East - French govt to use Arabic ‘Daesh’ for Islamic State group:

“This is a terrorist group and not a state. I do not recommend using the term Islamic State because it blurs the lines between Islam, Muslims and Islamists. The Arabs call it ‘Daesh’ and I will be calling them the ‘Daesh cutthroats’.”

Maybe can troll them by calling them the Apostate False Caliphate or AFC? Or the Arabic version of that?

  1. I like to pretend the cartoon characters in Times Square are representatives of the NY Gangs waiting for Cyrus to show up and unite them.
  2. The same people surprised by Hillary’s visit to Iowa must go into total shock at every sunrise.
  3. @patrickdijusto CM11 M10?

  1. The same people surprised by Hillary’s visit to Iowa must go into total shock at every sunrise.
  2. @patrickdijusto CM11 M10?
  3. Not to be outdone by the Scotts; the Welsh are busy sawing Wales off from the England and looking for a native prince of Wales.

  1. RT @billmaher: I gotta say this about D C: few cities have more “I hated that guy in college” guys walking around than this one

Red-State Cities Find Euphemisms To Prepare for Global Warming:

The pattern illustrates a growing disconnect between the debate still raging in politics and the reality on the ground. In many city planning departments, it has become like Voldemort, the arch-villain of the Harry Potter stories: It’s the issue that cannot be named.

The cognitive dissonance can only hold so long. At some point the denial side will have to admit they are wrong.

The Biggest Robbers In America Are Employers:

The amount of money employers had to pay because they were found guilty of wage theft is nearly three times greater than all the money stolen in robberies, according to a new report from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI).

That $50 billion figure dwarfs the $14 billion taken from victims of robberies, burglaries, larcenies, and car thefts in 2012. That’s less than a third of the cost of wage theft, according to EPI’s estimations.

The NLRB needs to be reformed for the post labour union era. It should be the advocate for those who are robbed by their employers and it isn’t.

  1. RT @billmaher: I gotta say this about D C: few cities have more “I hated that guy in college” guys walking around than this one
  2. Real lesson of 9/11 is “don’t let an enemy bait you into a fight on his terms” Current ISIL strategy makes me wonder if we learned it.

The Worst Governments in America Are Local:

Uber has brought taxicab regulations, unlike other manifestations of Big Small Government, onto the national stage. It has scrambled partisan lines. Republicans have attempted to turn Uber into a symbol of free-market economics that can appeal to young and urban voters. Uber hired David Plouffe, the Obama-campaign whiz, to run its political operations. Plouffe’s hire provoked a wave of recriminations from the left wing of his party—here was another D.C. sellout working for the Man. But Plouffe’s support for Uber could also be understood as a natural extension of Obama-style moderate liberalism. At the federal level, where government power is checked by a hostile Republican Party, liberalism means advocating for subsidized medical care, or funding for science and infrastructure. At the local level, moderate liberalism may in fact be at odds with regulation, and advocates of “more government” are sometimes defending an organized racket.

intra-Democratic politics is not optimized to root out most government failure. Democratic voters tend to apply an ideology shaped by high-profile national struggles to their local voting habits; they may, for instance, associate arguments against regulation with the sorts of spurious claims made by polluters, Wall Street, or other robber barons, even if Uber’s argument against intrusive regulations has vastly more merit than the coal industry’s.

Worth a read. While it starts with a discussion of Ferguson, it gets what the liberal position on local regulations should be. Restricted to concerns about public safety, equal access and accountability to the public. The fact is that most of the worst regulations are at the local level. Most of the crony capitalism happens on the local level. It’s not the EPA and OSHA, it’s local intrusive regulations that are a problem.